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KAZPETROTEST LLP, a Kazakhstan owned and registered company, has recently acquired the PENCOR PVT laboratory and its associated sampling and PVT equipment. The laboratory had been operational in Kazakhstan since April 1999 and had conducted many PVT studies for several large international oil companies, as well as local national oil companies, operating within Kazakhstan.

The PVT laboratory is located in Aksai, West Kazakhstan and is equipped with standard size PVT equipment included windowed, high pressure PVT cells which allows KAZPETROTEST LLP to perform the full range of Black Oil, Volatile Oil and Gas Condensate PVT studies. The compositional analysis is conducted using the high tech Hewlett Packard 6890 gas chromatographs with ChromPerfect integration software. This allows reservoir fluid compositions to be extended up to C30 + which is often required by reservoir engineers when conducting reservoir modelling. All the PVT equipment is regularly calibrated using standard internationally accepted procedures.

KAZPETROTEST LLP can also undertake bottom hole and surface sampling using western technology sampling equipment purchased in the UK. The bottom hole sampling tools can be either run as single phase samplers (SPS) or in the conventional positive displacement (PDS) mode. KAZPETROTEST LLP staff also have the experience and equipment to handle and transfer samples from third party sampling tools such as the MDT, RFT and RCI tools.

KAZPETROTEST LLP has a dedicated team of highly experienced sampling engineers and PVT technicians and all personnel are trained to the highest standards and have many years experience operating in remote locations and difficult environments. The running of the laboratory is overseen by an expatriate Laboratory Manager with over 25 years oilfield experience; the Laboratory Supervisor is also an expatriate, again with over 25 years oilfield / PVT experience.
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