KAZPETROTEST Pressure-Volume-Temperature laboratory offers a comprehensive PVT program for all your reservoir fluid property requirements. Equipped with the latest equipment, our PVT laboratory can provide a complete picture of any hydrocarbon sample. This data is essential for the economics and feasibility of any hydrocarbon reservoir.

Our experienced and specially trained staff can provide you accurate PVT analysis, which is vital for precisely calculating the reserves and also for evaluating the value of the reserve. Good PVT data ensures the reservoir is produced and managed in a controlled way, ultimately leading to maximum recovery. 

  • Black Oil PVT Analysis
    Our PVT laboratory can analyse all types of black oil pressurised samples. Specific services offered include Pressure Volume Relationship's, Differential Vaporisation experiments,
    Pressurised Viscosity determinations and Separator Test analysis.
  • Volatile Oil PVT Analysis
    Volatile Oil PVT Analysis includes the analysis of volatile oil samples by means of the following techniques; Constant Composition Expansion measurement and Constant Volume Depletion analysis.
  • Gas Condensate PVT Analysis
    Pressure Volume Temperature laboratory analysis of gas condensate samples includes these services; Constant Composition Expansion measurement and Constant Volume Depletion analysis.
  • Gas Compositional Analysis
    Extended or basic gas compositional analysis utilising modified gas chromatograph's.
  • Bottom Hole Sampling
  • Under-saturated oil reservoir fluids may be sampled at the surface separator or using bottom holesamplers. However, if accurate gas-oil measurements cannot be obtained at the surface separator, bottom hole sampling is the only means of collecting a representative reservoir fluid sample.                                                                                                  

At KAZPETROTEST we are also able to supply On-Site PVT Services in the form of on-site surface sampling and consultancy services.